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RUDE TECH Guitar Effects

The Falcondrive!

The Falcondrive!

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It’s The Falcondrive! overdrive/distortion dual-effect guitar pedal
Created in collaboration with RUDE TECH

Get out your axe, plug-in and shred on with The Falcondrive! guitar pedal! Created with the wizards at RUDE TECH in Nashville, TN, The Falcondrive! combines the powers of overdrive and distortion in one rad box featuring art by Thomas Fernandez (@liveradstudios)!
Developed by RUDE TECH in collaboration with The Aquabats!’s very own guitar hero Eaglebones Falconhawk, The Falcondrive! is studio and tour ready, boutique quality guitar pedal and includes a 9v battery power clip, making it perfect for players of all levels!

Pedal Comes With

  • Bagged crystal to center your inner rock spirit!
  • Drawstring satin pedal pouch!
  • Deluxe The Aquabats! black light poster decal!
  • Glow in the Dark Eaglebones guitar pick!
  • Special surprise L’il Bat item!


Cast aluminum enclosure Dimensions – 4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.66 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 42 mm).
Power requirements are 9VDC with a 2.1 barrel connector (center negative) or 9V battery; current draw <9.5mA.
Weight – 11.8 oz
Blend knob turned counterclockwise is a copy of Eaglebones’ own modded overdrive effect, and clockwise is his personal modded distortion. The effects mix in parallel as you turn the knob.

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Housing size incl. knobs:

L 4.80" x W 3.67" x H 2.20"

L 122mm x W 93.3mm x H 56mm

Power Requirements

9VDC power from a 2.1mm barrel connector (center negative)

Current draw <10mA

No internal battery power option

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