Hi, I'm Jesse.

I'm a former aerospace scientist who started RUDE TECH as a way to reconnect with what made me fall in love with electronics in the first place.

I was always interested in science, and at 12 I built my first guitar pedal. That sent me down a path that eventually led to working with some of the most high tech systems in the world.

With a background in signals processing, I've most often enjoyed designing modulation pedals. I'll sometimes go on a deep-dive with a given technique of manipulating a signal, and end up with an experiment that turns into an effects pedal.

Because of my past in aerospace, I back every RUDE TECH pedal with a Lifetime Guarantee. I've designed test systems hardened against a vacuum, high vibration, radiation, or any other extreme you can think of. I take a lot of care during the design phase to prevent failures of systems I design. I'm only happy with your effects when I know they'll be able to withstand to world-tour gigging.

In addition to selling my own designs through RUDE TECH I also teach electronics courses to kids, guiding them through designing and building their own first pedals. The goal is to give a many musicians as possible exposure to science and electronics at an early age.

My main character flaw: I have way too many (correct) opinions on soldering techniques.

If you need to reach RUDE TECH for anything, email me at jesse@rudetech.com


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