The Falcondrive! The Maunal!

Congratulations on your purchase of a The Aquabats! The Falcondrive! by RUDE TECH... you're so cool and smart.

Here's a quick rundown of how your pedal works:


IMPORTANT: It takes 9vDC center-negative power from a type-M barrel connector.  Any 9vDC guitar power supply will work.  However, be aware that the polarity of guitar pedals is a little weird... most power supplies for every other electronic device are center-positive, so the polarity is reversed.

Not sure if you have the right power supply, or simply don't have one?  No worries, homie!  Use a battery.

Battery Power:
There's a battery clip on the inside of the pedal, just open up the bottom plate, install a 9vDC battery, and insert it between the wall of the housing and the PCB.  The PCB is designed to hold it in place.

Hot Tip: To save battery life, unplug the cable from the input jack of the pedal when you aren't playing.


Your The Falcondrive! also comes with a 5-year warranty for the original owner against any manufacturing defects caused by normal use (so don't throw it in a lake or something).
Need warranty repair?  Email

Not covered by the warranty (aka not normal use):

  • Using the incorrect power supply
    • Reverse polarity or overvoltage will be evident by failed protection diodes 
    • Using the wrong connector size will be evident by the DC jack pin being pushed in (remember: don't force stuff... that's a good life lesson anyway)
  • Normal wear of graphics or paint
  • User-attempted repair/mods
  • Broken hearts of all the groupies you're about to have

Examples of items covered by the warranty include (but aren't limited to) the footswitch wearing out, input jacks breaking, or it just plain not making noise anymore!  For any questions, reach out to

Broke it trying to do a mod?  We can return it to its original working state for you for the bench fee, but we won't mod it.  If we find you've tampered with the circuit, or applied incorrect voltage, we'll be glad to bring it back to life, but we'll charge a bench fee of $35.


KISSES!  Have fun!
Aquacadet #1707 Jesse Rude
Dictator-for-Life, RUDE TECH Guitar Effects