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RUDE TECH Guitar Effects

Kit: Ain't Afraid Cancer-Fighting Fuzz

Kit: Ain't Afraid Cancer-Fighting Fuzz

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A kit version of our 1-knob charity fuzz!

For every kit you buy, I'm able to donate another kit to the soldering/electronics classes I teach every Summer at the YEAH! Rock Camps.

Not sure if you'd be able to build it?  Check out the build video below and see what you think. I also provide email support, and if you really botch it, you can send it back and I'll repair it for $30 labor + the cost of shipping. Did somebody say foolproof?


Watch the build-along video:


Questions while building? Shoot me an email.

Build List:
R1 2k
R2 2.2M
R3 47k
R4 680 ohm
D1 diode 1N4148 (the smaller, orange diode)
D2 diode 1N34A (the larger, clear diode)
C1 .1uF
C2 .1uF
Q1 2N3904 transistor

0:00:00 - Intro
0:01:46 - Begin PCB
0:02:21 - R1 2k
0:08:33 - R2 2.2M
0:11:13 - R3 47k
0:12:05 - R4 680
0:13:10 - D1 1N4148
0:15:16 - D1 1N34A
0:17:44 - C1, C2 0.1uF
0:19:44 - Transistor
0:21:19 - Housing Begin
0:22:13 - DC Jack
0:23:36 - Battery Clip
0:28:23 - LED Bezel Pt 1
0:31:48 - LED Bezel Pt 2
0:33:38 - Musings on that Little Plastic Something-or-Other: A Hero's Journey
0:33:59 - Wires to the PCB:
0:34:12 - PCB Power wires
0:37:06 - Output jack wires
0:42:16 - Input jack wires
0:48:18 - Potentiometer
0:51:43 - LED
0:55:37 - PCB wires soldered to jacks
1:04:36 - Inserting PCB and jacks into housing
1:10:10 - Oops.
1:12:53 - Connecting PCB to power jack
1:15:35 - Footswitch in
1:17:54 - Ribbon cable
1:20:43 - Footwsitch daughter board
1:25:44 - Sewing the patient up
1:28:23 - Putting the knob on the potentiometer

Pedal Demo:


Shipping & Returns

We are glad to accept home-tested returns up to 2 weeks after your delivery date for a full refund. Gigged or otherwise user-damaged products won't be accepted.

For more info on returns or exchanges, reach out to


Housing size incl. knobs:

L 4.80" x W 3.67" x H 2.20"

L 122mm x W 93.3mm x H 56mm

Power Requirements

9VDC power from a 2.1mm barrel connector (center negative)

Current draw <10mA

No internal battery power option

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